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What Is A Chigger?

The wet season is upon us and gardening has begun. It's in this season that all the interesting insects begin to show their faces once again. Chiggers are one such insect you may encounter while gardening or having fun outdoors.

A chigger is a small mite, a relative of the tick, that feeds on animal skin cells when it is in its larvae stage. Chiggers are usually red and found in damp forested or grassy areas such as in berry patches, gardens or your lawn. These parasites attach to a host, which can be human, rabbits, frogs, birds, etc. Once attached, they pierce the skin and begin secreting a digestive enzyme which breaks down skin cells, causing irritation, bumps and itching. The chigger continues to feed until it reaches its adult nymph stage where it drops to the ground and begins devouring plant material rather than animals.

Quick treatment is important as the irritation can become infected easily upon scratching. Chigger Digger is a specially formulated compound that we have designed to combat the irritation from chigger “bites” and quickly relieve the symptoms and begin the healing process. Stop by Super Drugs Pharmacy to pick up some today.


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